Dear Customer,

Welcome to the CBI Internet Banking Service.

By now you have already applied for the Internet Banking by filling up the registration form and have collected the Security Token from our branch.

On completion of the above, you would have received the registration details from the Bank via email to proceed with activation of your Internet Banking service. If you do not receive the email within three working days from the date you submit the application, please contact our 24-hours call center 800 CBI (224) or write to

When you have your registration details and Security Token, you can proceed with the following steps to activate your Internet Banking service.

If you have not applied for Internet Banking, please submit your application for the Internet Banking service and collect the Security Token. You will find the necessary information for registration in the "How to Register for Internet Banking" link in home page.
Internet Banking Terms & Conditions

Activation of the Internet Banking service - Step 1

1. Please read the Terms and Condition of Internet Banking carefully before proceeding with using the CBI Internet Banking service.

2. Click on Agree button to proceed to next screen and setup your Internet PIN, or click Disagree to cancel.